Food Challenges in Glasgow: Buddy’s Hot Wing Challenge.


What is Buddy’s Hot Wing Food Challenge?

In short, our awesome, tear-inducing hot wing challenge takes place right here at our restaurant, Buddy’s BBQ in Glasgow. It’s only £9.95 per person and here’s what to expect:

  • 6 chicken wings coated in a sauce containing Naga Viper and Scotch Bonnet Chili's - some of the world's hottest chilli peppers!

  • 5 minutes to eat all 6 wings, followed by 5 minutes ‘sitting time’, allowing you to really feel the burn from the chilli peppers.

  • No napkins or drinks are allowed for the duration of this food challenge (it’s just you versus the chicken)!

  • We’ll Facebook livestream your valiant attempt, so you might want to let your friends know to tune in and watch your spicy struggle!

A challenge so hot, you need to sign a waiver prior to taking part!

For this eating challenge, you’ll be required to sign a waiver prior to letting these fiery wings touch your lips. Yup, we thought this part required its own sub-heading. Check out our Facebook page to see recent live videos of some brave souls taking on our hot wing challenge!


Look, just tell us already, how do we enter and what do we win for completing the Hot Wing Food Challenge?

This challenge does require you to book in advance so we can specially prepare the fiery hot sauce! Give us a call on 0141 423 9988, or message us directly on Facebook to reserve your slot. Successful individuals will receive the wings for free (of course!), a milkshake to help cool your mouth down and help you recover from the spicy trauma, and you’ll also have your picture proudly displayed on our Wall of Fame!

Sound good?! Get in touch today and take on the Buddy’s Hot Wing Challenge, one of the hottest food challenges right here in Glasgow!

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David McGinty