Photo Competition: Win an Awesome Meal for Two Worth £30!


Take an awesome photo, and win a meal for two worth £30, every month!

We’re running a brand new photography competition, and there’s a new winner every month.

Here’s how it works - it’s super simple!

The rules:

Just take a photo of your Buddy’s meal - it can be in the restaurant or it can be your take-away anywhere you like - and post it to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #buddysbbqandburgers. Feel free to tag us @buddysglasgow as well, but the most important thing is to use the hashtag so we can easily check the submissions every month.

Oh, and - make sure your posts are set to public and your account can be publicly viewed, otherwise we won’t be able to view your entry!

Best photo every month receives a meal for two worth £30 to use in one sitting, and you’ve got all month to use it!

Pro tips:

Here’s a few quick thoughts on how you can take the perfect burger photo, even on your mobile phone. This goes way beyond what you’ll need for the competition - but who doesn’t appreciate a bit of free advice?

Use natural light if possible.

Nothing beats natural light for food photography - so photograph your burger next to a window, and maybe shoot from the side to make sure you’re not casting any nasty shadows.

Shoot the tastiest looking part of the burger.

I mean, a Buddy’s burger looks pretty damn handsome from any angle - but very often there’s just one specific bit that looks extra irresistible - just like the image at the top of this blog post. Well - make sure it’s in your frame!

Use an easy, quick editing app, like VSCO.

Natural colours are awesome - so don’t slap a dodgy Insta filter on your beautiful burger portrait! Just subtly enhance the colours that are already there, and remove any unwanted hues (maybe there’s some blue light sneaking into frame, for example, and maybe that doesn’t work for your shot - so desaturate the blues).

Check out the competition!

Seriously. Go look at the hashtag right now and see how the competition stacks up. And, don’t forget to check out the images in our own gallery for inspiration, by our pals at Walnut Wasp. You might even get some ideas!

Don’t let your dinner get cold.

Seriously, don’t overshoot it. Eat the damn thing.

David McGinty